Learn more about why we know that your dream of rediscovering your calm, peaceful household is possible.

If your family is like ours, your once peaceful and easy home life is full of tension, yelling, and arguing. Your loving and open child isolates themselves and no longer talks to you. You want nothing more than to return to a calm, peaceful home life but nothing seems to help.

You want to do more than just endure the emotional storms and navigate the school struggles. 


We’ve been there, and we know the way out.

We’re Kelly and Teresa, and we’re here to help.

Kelly Williams, lcsw

Kelly Williams, lcsw

teresa vanpelt, lmhc

teresa vanpelt, lmhc


We are both not only clinical therapists who specialize in working with kids and teens with anxiety and ADHD, but our own kids struggle with these as well.

We get it.

We want you to feel empowered in your parenting and confident that you can help your kids thrive.

We love working with families with these struggles because we’ve been there.

We know those pits of despair well and we know how to help you find your way out.

We take pride in guiding intelligent, fun-loving and creative families on their path to emotional healing. By distilling the science into actionable steps and creating an individualized action plan that fits your needs, you will find success. We love our work because we get to witness the transformation that’s possible when parents have the right tools and information.